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The growth of the global Renewable Energy industry has soared over the past decade yet it is still in its infancy. The recognized potential for additional renewable energy production is many times the current output from currently installed Wind and Solar generating systems.

The emerging paradigm shift in the world’s largest industry – ENERGY SUPPLY – is rapid, all encompassing, and unstoppable. Achieving the Renewable Energy Imperative on a global scale is the basis of a new long term growth industry for the 21st Century, an industry in which Atlantic Wind & Solar intends to play an increasingly important role, with the intentions of enhancing the value of the Corporation to the benefit of all stakeholders.

AWSL is strategically positioned to capitalize on multiple opportunities in this dynamic industry through the deployment of their unique business model, leading edge technologies and components that may ultimately accelerate the rate at which the world transitions from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy sources, thus reversing global warming and contributing to a cleaner, healthier and more energy-secure future.

Management endeavors to keep its stakeholders abreast of all significant corporate developments, both through timely news releases and within this website.

Atlantic Wind and Solar Inc.

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