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Atlantic Wind and Solar Corp

As a renewable energy project developer, Atlantic begins each project with location scouting. Preliminary feasibility studies are then done on sites that look promising - assess to sunshine, demand for power, and renewable energy incentives being key factors. Projects that make it past this step are subject to due diligence on securing site access via Joint Venture (JV) agreements and securing long term leases. Next Atlantic commissions high level engineering assessments. Structural engineers evaluate system support while electrical engineers determine grid connection feasibility.

Once proven viable Atlantic assembles the group (based on project size, type, location, etc.)  that will work together to fully complete the renewable energy system and manage the project for the duration of the power purchase agreement and beyond.

Each specific project will include Atlantic, EPC companies, equipment manufacturers, banks, financiers, and the ultimate off-take/ownership company which will generally include some members of the project completion group.


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