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Atlantic Wind and Solar Corp

Our Business - Rooftop Solar Systems

The most notable opportunity for businesses and private citizens in participating in Ontario’s FIT program, is for developing solar systems located on the rooftops of large commercial buildings. The provincial government is particularly focused on promoting and developing this class of renewable energy system for the following key reasons:

1) Commercial rooftop systems (ie. 30,000-50,000 sq.ft. solar arrays) are large enough to generate a “meaningful” amount of electricity back to the power grid (as opposed to smaller residential solar systems), justifying the FIT investment by the OPA.

2) These systems leverage the existing power infrastructure/connectivity already in place within the commercial buildings. Therefore, power system upgrades by the local utility companies are usually not required.

3) Unlike large ground-based solar parks which can require several years of due diligence and power grid impact studies, commercial rooftop systems are fast, efficient and readily deployable.

Our Approach - We Partner with Landlords

Through our 100% owned Canadian subsidiary, Atlantic Solar Inc is looking to partner with Ontario-based commercial building owners and landlords who are open to leveraging Ontario’s unique provincial incentive opportunity, in order to generate new untapped revenue and operating income for their commercial buildings. In brief, we are offering building owners some of the highest Rents and Return on Investment terms available anywhere in the North American market, in exchange for developing high performance solar systems on their unused commercial rooftops.

Atlantic offers a broad range of revenue and payment alternatives to building owners, including standard rooftop leases (with the option of payment 100% up front), and joint venture arrangements that offer extremely lucrative returns.

How Can You Participate ?

We would be pleased to set up an onsite meeting with any interested building owners or landlords to discuss both opportunities with Ontario’s FIT program, along with Atlantic’s unique value proposition and advanced solar solutions. Contact us today to receive our 4 page introduction.


36mcHere Comes the Sun

Our sun has always been the source of all life on earth and the source – directly or indirectly – of all energy. While indirect energy from the sun, in the form of oil, gas, coal, hydroelectricity and wind has been a key source of energy since the Industrial Revolution, mankind is just beginning to tap the sun’s power for more direct energy through photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. Solar Power is a cornerstone of the Renewable Energy revolution that is sweeping the globe, a revolution in which Atlantic is becoming increasingly involved.
  Emerging technologies have made solar electricity available directly – and economically – from sunlight, and the potential is huge. Consider the following fact:
The total solar energy absorbed by Earth's atmosphere, oceans and land masses in just one hour is more than what the world uses in one year!

   Direct solar energy is our most abundant source of clean, free renewable energy, and rapidly advancing technologies are steadily enhancing the economics and paving the way for trillions of dollars in benefits to people everywhere in the foreseeable future. Following years of incubation, the Solar Power Industry has reached critical mass and is now racing headlong to fulfill its manifest destiny:


Powering  the world with cheap, clean, dependable and limitless energy.



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