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Atlantic Wind and Solar Corp
  Planning       "...Reducing Renewable Energy Cost while Minimizing Risk."

Applying a modern renewable energy solution consists of a lot more than just choosing renewable energy products out of a catalogue.
To maximize energy efficiency and to ensure the viability of our partner’s and/or client's investment, it is imperative that the project is correctly dimensioned and that its operation is stable.            
We do this by conducting a series of risk minimizing studies.

Pre-feasibility/ desktop study

Our feasibility and planning team conduct a pre-feasibility/ desktop study to evaluate site potential prior to committing to the expense of a physical on site measurement and/or full engineering report.          
After a desktop study is successfully completed, showing potential towards the geographical site in question, only then will the team conduct a full feasibility study.

Feasibility study

Such studies may involve numerous site visits, detailed site energy resource/weather assessments, visual impact assessments, noise impact assessments, wind measurements and/or sun ray measurements, outline design and specification, potential layouts design, transmission/likely grid connection, financial viability, engineering reports, building code assessments, technical and environmental constraints and planning issues.            

The geographical location of a solar and/or wind farm is crucial for success - We offer guidance and advice           

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